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A10 Gps Vehicles Tracker Location Finder

A10 Gps Vehicles Tracker Location Finder

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SKU : GPS100
Brand : VisionXP
Warranty : 1 Year


  • Real-time tracking
  • Historical route
  • Geo-fence
  • Voice monitoring
  • Demolition alarm
  • Vibration alarm
  • Displacement alarm
  • Various work modes: rapid positioning, standard positioning and save electricity positioning.
  • Multi-platform monitoring: support android, apple mobile phone system, computer network clients, etc
  • Universal: four frequency support GSM network, languages and time zone setting

Vision XP A10 GPS Tracker Location Finder Standalone Long Battery Backup Gps Tracker

A10 Gps Vehicles Tracker Location Finder


Model VAX10
User Car , boat or bulky goods tracking

Stong magenetic for installation, 

long standby time, remote


Color Black
Net weight 132g
Size 96*60*22.6mm
Size of package 137(L)X85(W)X40(H)mm
Weight 230g
Buttons SOS key
GPS anttnna

High sensitive ceramic


GSM antenna Copper-Nickel Alloy
Battery 5000mAh
SIM card slot one slot
I/O port USB port for charging
Chipset MTK MT6261
GPS chip MTK3337
GPRS Class 12
GPS singal L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
GPS channels  22 channels
GPS chip

Tracking Sensitivity:-159dBm, 

acquisition sensitivity:-143dBm

GPS accuracy 5~15m
LBS accuracy 100-1000M
Minimum standby current <0.5 mA

Average standby


<2.5 mA
Deep dormancy   current <5 uA
Average working currency <55mA
Working      temperature -20~70℃
working humidity 5% to 95% 
GPS antenna 

Built-in high sensitivity ceramic 


GSM antenna Four frequency PIFA antenna
Bluetooth  Compatible
G-sensor Compatible
Speaker No
MIC Optional
Supported OS

Support android 2.3 or above

IOS5.0 or above

Languages Chinese/English
AGPS Cool start 26s positioning
Power manage

Ultra-low power consumption 

of power management, 


Geofence Alarm when out of setup range
Historical track Three monthes's historical track
Remote update

Remote update app ,remote 

maintenance & regulation,

remote parameter

1,Application method
1. Before use, please test equipment model is correct, accessories are complete.
2. In shutdown state insert support GSM network SIM card (GSM 850,900,1800,1900MHZ)and

3. open the caller id function and monthly flow (not less than 30 m/month traffic package). 3.Power on: press on the power button for 3 seconds or more then powered on.
4. Shutdown: When mobile phone APP display equipment online, through the app setting

remote shutdown function to turn it off.
When mobile phone APP display equipment offline, please take out the Sim card and long press power button for power off.
5.Charge: insert the USB charging line, connected to the output of 5v - 1a standard mobile phone

adapter, from no power to full about 8 hours.

2,Product function(„*‟for matching function) 1. Real-time tracking
2. Historical route
3. Geo-fence

4. Voice monitoring
5.* Demolition alarm
6. Vibration alarm
7. Displacement alarm
8.Various work modes: rapid positioning, standard positioning and save electricity positioning. 9. Multi-platform monitoring: support android, apple mobile phone system, computer network

clients, etc

4, Function declaration 4.1 Working mode setting

There are three kinds of working mode. User through setting in the phone APP software function to set the working mode.

1, rapid positioning (1 minute) : equipment at 1 minute intervals update location information, rapid positioning model the locator use battery faster.
2,standard positioning (10 minutes) : equipment according to the time of 10 minutes interval update location information.

3,save electricity positioning (an hour): equipment in one hour time interval update location information, the power-saving mode use battery is slowly.

4.2 Historical route query
This product can keep 3 months of route information. If two anchor point position is very close,

this product will be in the route filter position very close point.

4.3 Geo-fence
Users in the cell phone APP choose Geo-fence function, on the map can set Geo-fence round, if

the device away from fences, mobile phone APP client-side will display the alarm information. Alarm information time is related to the positioning interval time setting, The smaller positioning time interval can get timely alarm information.

4.4 Voice monitoring
Select voice monitoring function in setting up and fill in your mobile phone number, wait for a

while and after confirmation equipment will be sent a calling to your number, you can listen to the voice around locator after answering. Set up after the white list, the inside of white list number will send a calling to device, device will automatic answer, can listen to the voice around locator.

4.5 Demolition alarm
Device with the demolition sensor on the back. If induction sensor obscured for more than 3 minutes, when people take it and let the device induction sensor not obscured , device will send demolition alarm message.

4.6 Vibration alarm
Device with vibration sensor, when vibration alarm switch turn on, vibration equipment detected for more than 5 seconds, vibration alarm information will be issued by device.

4.7 Displacement alarm
In the case of GPS positioning, when displacement alarm switch turn on, equipment detect

displacement of more than 200 meters, device will send displacement alarm information itself.

4.8 SMS monitor number and language time zone setting
After Set message monitoring number, SMS monitoring number can give device issued message

commands (specific message instructions please contact retailers). SMS alarm monitoring number can receive device sent text messages and other notification message. Time zone is set up for foreign language users design features, user does not need to set up in China.

5,Key description
When shutdown state with enough power press power key locator will starting up. Locator

online can not shut down manually, under the condition of locator offline can press power key to turn it off manually.

6, Light effect show
Starting up: Indicator light for 3 seconds.
Charging: In charging process indicator light flashing,after full indicator long time turn on. Keys: When starting up press the power button indicator for 2 seconds

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