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15days Battery Backup Voice Recorder

15days Battery Backup Voice Recorder

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Brand : VisionXP
Warranty : No Warranty

Long Battery Powered Secret Voice Recorder

  • Dimensions : 1x1x2.37inches(The actual produ ct shall prevail)
  • USB interface : USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Built-in memory : 32GB
  • Battery : 2000mAh
  • Recording format : WAV
  • Operating : 20 to 110°F
  • Recording sampling rate : 48KHZ
  • Support system : Windows/Mac OS/ Android
  • Headphone output : External stereo
  • Music format : MP3/WMA/WAV
  • Body weight : 1.7oz (The actual product shall p revail)
  • Charging current / Voltage : 5V/1A

Battery Powered Voice Recorder 


  • Children are forbidden to play the recorder alone, and do not fall and collide with hard objects, otherwise it may cause data loss or other hardware damage of the recorder.
  • Do not clean the recorder with chemical reagents or cleaning reagents, which will damage the shell of the recorder and corrode it.
  • It is recommended not to use this recorder when driving a motor vehicle or riding a bicycle. Please ensure driving safety.
  • Please back up the important files in the recorder in time. No one can guarantee the absolute security of the data. If data loss occurs, the files will be difficult to recover.
  • It is forbidden to use overload charger or the charging cable is squeezed by heavy objects for a long time, keep away from combustibles when charging, in order to avoid fire.
  • It is forbidden to pull out the charger with wet hands to prevent electric shock.


  • USB port /headphone jack
  • Indicator light
  • Lanyard hole /Microphone
  • Power Switch: Turn "Rec" to recording /turn "Save" to save recording
  • Reset hole
  • Volume up key "+": Short press to increase the volume
  • Volume down key "-": Short press to decrease the volume
  • Play button MIl: short press to play /pause
  • Previous song key short press to switch the previous song. long press to fast backward
  • Next song key Short press to switch to the next song. long press to fast forward

Indicator light description:

  • Recording: the red indicator flashes 3 times
  • Playback: Blue light flashing
  • Standby: the blue indicator is always on
  • Low power: the red Indicator flashes quickly for about seconds and then automatically shut down
  • Charging: When charging, the red indicator flashes, when tull-charged, the blue light is always on.
  • Fast forward / fast rewind: use headphones to play MP3 recording files in the process, long press fast forward / fast rewind process, the blue light flashes rapidly.

Function details
Turn on.

  • When the headphone is not plugged in, and the switch was on the "Save". Toggle the switch to the "Rec" to turn on the recorder and start to recording (the indicator light turns from purple light to red light and flashes 3 times)

Tips: When recording, it is recommended keeping a distance of more than 10 feet from the microphone to avoid blasting sound.

Turn off:

  • In the recording or playback, toggle the switch to the "Save" (the purple light flashes once and turns off) to save the recording and shut down.


  • With computer: Use the data cable to connect the recorder to the computer, open the "USB DISK" and enter "RECORD", select the file you want to play.

Tips: The recording file format is "WAV". If the player on your computer does not play the "WAV" files, please download another player, such as Windows Media Player.

  • With headphone: Toggle the switch to "Save", then inserts, the headphone, toggle the switch to "Rec", press the play button I to play the audio in the recorder.

File transfer

  • Ensure the switch in the "Save", connects the recorder to the computer by data cable, a moment later, the computer will recognize it, find "USB DISK", enter the "RECORD"


  • Insert one end of the USB cable into the USB port of the recorder, and the other end into the USB port of the charger. The indicator light flashes red when charging, and the charging time is generally about 5 hours to fully charge. When the blue light is on, it means the battery is fully charged.

Device setting up
Voice activation:

  • Ensure the switch in the "Save", connects the recorder to a computer, enter the "USB DISK", run the "RECSET.TXT", change the number after VOR to what you want and save, O means turn off, 1-7 means turn on, the smaller the number, the higher of the activation sensitivity, recommend 1~3.

Recording sensitivity:

  • Ensure the switch in the "Save", connects the recorder to the computer, enter the "USB DISK", run the "RECSET.txt", change the number after "Gain" to what you want and save, the larger the number, the higher the sensitivity of the recording.

Time stamp:

  • Windows: Ensure the switch in the "Save", connect the recorder to a computer, enter the "USB DISK" - "Set time", run the "SetDigitRecorderTm.exe", click the "set time", So the time of the recorder is synchronized with a computer.
  • Mac OS : Ensure the switch in the "OFF", connect the recorder to a computer, enter the "USB DISK", run the "RECSET.txt, change the number after "Time" to 14 digits of year, month, day, hour, minute, second, and save. For MAC users, please Google "MAC can't modify USB DISK" to get the specific method. Make sure to backup your files before formatting.

Sound quality:

  • Ensure the switch in the "Save", connects the recorder to a computer, enter the "USB DISK", run the "RECSET.txt", change the number after "Bit" to what you want and save. (0=32 kbps, 1=64 kbps, 2=128 kbps, 3=192 kbps, 4=384 kbps)
  • Tips: Change any parameter of "RECSET. txt", be sure to save the text, and it will take effect after restarting the recorder.
  • Tips: If the recorder is not charged with a long time, the time will be reset after the battery is exhausted, and the time needs to be reset.
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